Store Hours:
Sunday-closed except on Open Sew Sundays-9am-2pm-see our class schedule for dates
Monday-Saturday- 11am-6pm

Spring 2018:
New fabrics are rolling in constantly. We are currently expanding our selection with fabrics from Japan, Italy and France. If you haven’t visited the shop in awhile you may not know that we are now carrying Stitcharama hand embroidery transfer patterns. Those of us who work at the shop are loving the “back to hand sewing” experience and workshops facilitated by Rebecca Goller.  And what a joy working on whimsical designs brought to us by a local business! Stitcharama: you don’t shop through us please view their website and buy directly from them-we want them to thrive! 

As a sewing instructor I’m personally in need of a little variety when it comes to classes so we’re going to try two day workshops focusing on independent pattern companies. A new pattern every month. If you want to increase your skill set and have fun doing it, some of our new classes might be to your liking.

Eventually, we will also be offering patterns of some of our most popular designs. We’ve started the foundation work now it’s time to go to print and, “Lights, camera, action!”-Oh, you’ll soon find out what I mean by that. Of course, we do things our own way, meaning patterns are on heavy paper, instructions are in our own ‘sassy and what we think as funny’ manner and actual physical examples of steps–that’s right they’re like no other pattern out there!

donna & toots:
The clothing line is named after my eccentric and fashionable Grandmother and Great Aunt. A trip to their numerous walk-in closets filled to the brim with such items as leopard-printed trousers, pink Chanel suits and red vinyl galore could curl anybody’s toes. Together they were trouble, throwing elegant dinner parties and the occasional soiree.

They were a huge impact on a little girl whose imagination had a hard time keeping up with their antics. I have studied fashion design in New York and London, along with having worked in San Francisco for a women’s clothing designer.

Since 2000, I have been designing, manufacturing, and retailing my own designs. Quality garments finessed with smart details are my intention. I love to borrow styles from the past – especially the 50’s and the 60’s – but don’t put it past me to throw a modern curve!

d & t  workshop – boutique
d & t refers to our brick and mortar shop located in Portland, Oregon. Our clothing, fashion accessories, and fabric intermingle with our workspace allowing for us to interact with our wonderful clients while we create. We offer classes in hopes of inspiring and sharing our enthusiasm of all things stitched.